Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where did that come from??

Today we had what must have been the most full on wave session of the year so far, better than anything in the winter of spring. It was pushing through at mast high on t'others and there were some seriously heavy sections around. Marshall claim the best wipe out of the day, a full top to bottom mast high grunter on the reef which showed him no mercy as is just sucked up almost dry, picked him up and dumped him - he even hit the bottom. Hutch was pulling some massive backies and the Phil and I shared some serious sphincter twitching waves. I set the head cam up but I'd forgotten to charge it for a while so only had a few pics before the battery went flat, anyway here they are, the one of hutch back looping was taken as I looked back over the waves, the other two are Simon and I riding in and Hutch lining up for the ramp.

Oh and BTW thanks for looking at my blog, my counter that I set up a couple of month ago, may be three months ago has just past the 1000 viewer mark, I'm getting about 10-15 hits a day, not bad!!

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