Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally some time to post (more to follow soon)

Well it's been a few weeks since I posted and finally I've found the time to put finger to key board!! Well what's been happening? Here's a quick list:

1. I had a weeks training in Tenerife for the island games.

2. Martyn Ogier came 5th in Sweden's speed event - see it must be those Hotsails he's using.

3. The Island Games team has been training hard.

4. It's June and we've had a few waves sessions in the last few weeks

5. With a full set of slalom sails and a 133l boar I've managed to get in 2-3 times a week training for the games

6. I just can't seem to get my race starts nailed - until today that is!!

7. I'm ready to place my order for my new Carbon Art boards if I can get a sensible 7hipping quote - suggestions anyone? See

8. I'm about to place a big order with Hotsails. They have some great offers at the moment with last season's wave sails at about £200. If you're interested have a look at I'll be covering the shipping costs too!!

9. I met with the Set Sail Trust and the Guernsey Sailing Trust to see if they would give Richard Klein and the Guernsey Sailing Trust some money. Well they did and shed loads of it - the best part of £3,000. Richard has been on a big spending spree for the trust and bought a whole load of kit ot teach the kids on. Many thanks to the Set sail trust for the money, it's vital for the future of our sport in the island. Hopefully some of the kids that Richard is now teaching will go on to become top sailors like, Hutchy (ex-British amature wave sailing champ) or Martyn Ogier (No2. in the world in speedsailing) or Briggsy (top ranked Formula sailor and former British champion).

10. I have a mountain of kit now for sale -I'll be listing it all soon. But as a starter there'll be an 81l 2010 Starboard quad £575, an 87l Naish wave board £400, a 104l Naish bump/jump crossover board £450 and various wave sails etc.

Tenerife was great fun, the day we (that's me, the wife ad kids) arrived there was no wind, but it was cloudy and warm. The next day was sunny and windyish. I sailed on a 85RRD and a Severne S1 (one of the new trendy lightweight wave sails). It has to be said that the lightweight sail was great, it reminded me of my old Hotsails Gridlocks that I had about 15yrs ago as it could be thrown about all over the place. The next day wave pretty windy and I went for a slalom session in the morning with a 6.6 and a Carbon Art. It had to be said on the Carbon Art with a freerace sail I had no worries about charging through the swells and heavy chop flat out - it was so easy to sail that I was overtaking a guy on an iSonic/Pryde RS combo. The next day was proper windy with some of the guys on 3.7s. I was on a 4.7 and it was nicely overhead in the sets. Danny Brusch was out wave sailing, he's no5 in world and was showing why with sweet off the tops. The next day could have been big wave kit but I chose to go for a 7.3 and the Carbon Art again - great training with some good sailors top pit my whits against. The next couple of days there was no wind which was good as my wife and kids had hardly seen me!! One major cock up was that I forgot my head cam so I've no pics from on the water. But here's a pick from the top of a mountain, pretty isn't it.

I've a few pics from today's morning session, more to follow but here's a close encounter with a lump of granite, you can see it lurking just in front and down wind of me about to pop out and bite me - it's pretty big - click on the pic and zoom in - if you look closely you can just about make out the limpets clinging on for their life!!

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