Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anyone for Puppy Spanking??????!!!!!!

Last weekend saw yet again more wind and so far in January its been mild and windy. So much so that last Saturday I counted 16 out at Vaz - that would be a good turn out in the summer let alone the middle of winter!!
The waves were pretty small so after 20mins I was getting pretty bored even though we were on 4.7s so I decided to up the game and go puppy spanking. For those of you who don’t know ‘puppy spanking’ is for some reason Vazon Bay slang for forwards – phases like ’nice puppy’ and ‘puppy spanking’ refer to ‘nice forwards’ and the spanking bit really sort of refers to flat water forwards when you get slapped on landing – hence the reason for my post title. Don’t ask me where the terminology came from!! I don’t think I’ve heard it elsewhere – but it might be commonly used throughout the windsurfing world, I just don’t know. Anyone else heard it said elsewhere?

As it turned out in one 40min period I managed an average of one puppy every 3m45secs which pretty much means one every one run……result battered!! Not helped by a nasty push loop effort that went badly wrong and left me seeing stars for a couple of seconds (I'm still limping a little)!!

Great to see some of the Ladies Bay sailors out too. Oh and BTW if you want to borrow my head cam don’t hesitate to ask.


Philski said...

Oh man, I feel shameful. I now wonder if I like watching spanking more than actually being spanked. Let me think about that…no, I like them both

Don said...

That looked like a lot of work "on the body"! It looks like when you "crash", you let the wind pick you back up on the board?