Monday, January 16, 2012

Vid Frenzy!!

Well it's been some time coming and the lack of wind over the last few days has given me the chance to put together a couple of vids and there's more to follow. I'm slowly getting better and faster at editing so hopefully in the not too distant future I'll be able to fire them out almost immediately after the sessions.

In the first vid it was a pretty big day, but interestingly the fish eye lens really reduces the apparent size of the waves - the sets were coming in at mast high (see the pics from the post below). My next mission will be to experiment with different mounts. In the second vid I lent the camera to Hutchy, we sailed for about 3.5hrs and ended up with only a few mins of decent footage. The other interesting thing is that by lending the camera to someone else that person gets to understand what the person with the camera is looking for; so I'll be lending it to all the Vaz regulars so we can all get to film and be filmed!! Enjoy--------

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