Thursday, February 16, 2012

All booked up!!!

Well it looks like this year I'm not going to be billy no mates in Tenerife as four of us have booked up in the last few days. Co-incidentally posted on the Boards website yesterday was a vid of Adam Lewis sailing where we are going. Adam works at the OTC and is probably the one best port tack wavesailors in the Canaries (which means pretty much in the world in real terms) and is really approachable. Here's the vid:

An Evening in Tenerife from Adam Lewis on Vimeo.

Talking of the Boards web site I don't know if any of you saw their News section the other day but there, amongst news articles on the likes of Phillip Koster, the latest boards from RRD etc was a news report on none other than Guernsey, with link to the videos Hutchy and I did last month. Fame at last!! Here's the link:

Whilst on the subject of action here's a vid done by Rob Ayliffe in Jersey with some great DTL action in the northerlys that we've been getting. The editing is great and it puts my efforts to shame. Nice action too:

Last but not least Nick asked me to let you know that he has a JP 102 Freestyle Wave 2011 Pro edition for sale for £650 - comes with fins, straps and a boardbag too - sounds like a bargain to me. Great allround bump and jump board.

See you at the beach thi weekend hopefully.

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