Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sweet Slalom Session in France

Here's a vid of my first proper summer slalom session; this time in France. I've been sailing in Brittany for years and know the spots like the back of my hand, but I've only ever been wavesailing in France and never slalom sailing and one thing I've always wanted to do is go blasting up and down the coast. Well since I got my new Carbon Art slalom boards and my Hotsails GPSs I've now had the chance.

The conditions were perfect and I was nicely powered on my 7.3 and the chop can't have been more than 6"!! To add to the session the tide was getting low and it was a little rocky, but blasting past small islands, navigation beacons and old fortifications, little harbours etc was great. The vid is just one leg of many the only real problem was the condensation on the lens:

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