Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Well it was a pretty good open day!!

Sorry for not posting sooner, I've been tied up doing, well, stuff. The wind has been sort of hanging around but not in huge quantities. We've had a few a wave sessions, sort of wave sessions, more really bump and jump nothing really in the way of swell other than wind chop although some of it's been quite chunky at times (for wind chop that is). I gave myself a pretty bad groin strain about a month or ago when my front foot slipped out of the footstrap landing (or should I say crashing) a backie - did the splits and felt the pain!! Talking of loops Oly landed an ankle dry push loop forward in Pembroke about a month ago - for those who don't know what that is hre one - it's pretty hardcore and would probably be heat winner aginst even some of the best PWA wavesailors:

Of course I've also now fully dusted off the slalom gear for the summer and that's been good to get some TOW (time on water) and what's more my tandem has arrived too; it's an Exocet and is great for messing around with the kids or two adults. If you see me down the beach and fancy a go just ask. Here's a pic of of the tandem in action and Jason and his daughter on the open day:

And given that about 50-70 people had go at either windsurfing or paddle boarding on that day all in all I'd say that was pretty successful - here's a note from Richard at the Sailing Trust:

Subject: Thank you
Date: Mon, May 28, 2012 09:48

Hi all again... I think I have the final score on the board and I recon we did better than Engelbert in the Eurovision!!!

So the grand total that I know about so far is!!!!>>>>>>......


I just have to say thank you again to all those that took part and helped.... but a special mention again has to go out to Paul Blondin who single-handedly raised £276.50 of the total amount.

Happy windsurfing and kind regards

Rich Klein

Guernsey Sailing Trust
The Boat House
Castle Emplacement
St Peter Port

Tel: 01481 710877

From: Guernsey Sailing Trust []
Sent: 14 May 2012 12:45
To: ''
Cc: ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; ''; 'Matthieu Le Poidevin'; ''; ''
Subject: Thank you


Just a quick message to say a massive thank you to all who were involved and helped out with the Windsurfing day last Saturday.

I think it was a great success and have received good feedback from people who attended.

A special mention has to go out to:-

·       Sue, Debbs and Stu for running the BBQ... we will get a chef’s hat for you next time Stu!

·       Jo, Chris and mu Mum Jenny.. thank you for the cakes, they went down a treat!

·       Nige, Vics and Debbs for running the S.U.P. session, by the looks of it it’s going to be more popular than windsurfing!! That’s not on.. he he

·       To all the instructors.... I really couldn’t have done it without your help so I just want to say it again... Thank You.

If I have forgotten anyone then please pass this on to them too.


A big well done to Darryl for being the first on the water at 5.30am and clocking up the most hors on the water on the day... I recon it must have been around 5hrs!!! Well done also to Nick who must have come in second... (and thanks for letting me have a blast on your kit, its much nicer than mine!)
I was trying to create a time line to show who, and when people were on the water but I lost track about mid morning and then lost the plot by about lunch time! Well done for taking part if you did and I’m sure we will do it again next year and improve  on what we did this time.
If you have sponsorship then please either get it to me or send it direct to W4CR, just please let me know totals.

Fund raising totals so far are:-

BBQ/Cake sale/Collection pot = £233.76

I know of about £330 in Sponsorship so far but will give an update once its all in...


Come Try Windsurfing and SUP

For the Windsurfing I think we got through about 20 people in the two hour slot, and I’m sure we will see some of them again on courses or Team 15.

The SUP was inundated with Nige reckoning he had up to 50 people trying in what became an over three hour slot... well done!

GBSA racing

What can we say... Three races Jo’s team 2, my team 1... so well done Jo’s team, it was close but you were victorious!
Thank you to Simon for organising the races.

That’s it for now
Kind regards and thank you again

Rich Klein

Guernsey Sailing Trust
The Boat House
Castle Emplacement
St Peter Port

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