Thursday, June 07, 2012

Don't let it go to your head!!!!

Well today was beyond epic - I got down about 5.15pm after a full days in the office. The sun was shining and the carpark was choca-block. The tide was low and I'd been watching on the webcam from the office and as there was no real swell I didn't bother to rush out, but as it turned out I timed it just right. As soon as I got on the water with my favourite combo, my little Carbon Art Thruster and my 4.7 Hotsails Firelight I knew it was session on. My first wave was nothing special as far as size, only about 2-3ft, but it seemed to be breaking quite heavily on the beach but more importantly I smacked the section sweetly and racked up a nice aerial on my first wave, next run out backie and I was fired up. The amazing thing was though that the swell just kept on building and building and within an hour it was coming through with the occasional 4-6ft set and by the time I'd finished up it was proper mast high in the sets and we were having to gun it off the beach to make sure that you didn't get nailed by the sets. Standouts of the days were Simon Marshall who just wanted to start riding anything and everything even before the swell had built up, Phil Warry scored some sweet waves, and hats of Seb Lovell who's now looking more and more comfotable mixing it up in the bigger stuff - sorry no pics we were too busy sailing.

But why the post title 'Don't let it go to your head' - two reasons really. Firstly here's a screen shot of Windguru  - yep Guernsey is right up there for tomorrow ranking in as the no5 windiest spot in the world!! Tides are huge so there'll be a lot of water moving around and when to go; well your guess is as good as mine - high tide on t'others or low on the beach.

As for the other reason - well as bit more of an ego trip for me. A while ago I interviewed Ben Proffit on the beach in Tenerife and it seems like Boardseeker have decided to run it ( ) . I'm pretty pleased to get one of my vids on Boardseeker it's just a shame it's not the boys ripping at Vazon!!!

See you tomorrow - there will be pics.

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