Thursday, July 12, 2012

Terrific Tenerife

 A few years ago I had a write up published in a mag titled Perfect Pozo - well this time I think any write up ought to be titled Terrific Tenerife. We had a week there and it was the best week I've had there in the last 4 years and it was a double bonus as this year I'd persuaded Phil Warry, Glen Le Chem, and Nick Afflek to come along too. Oh and to add to it all when we rocked up at the beach (1hr after we touched down) not only was it big air 4.2 weather but we also bumped into former Guernsey sailer Andy Heighton-Jackson and then at the end of the week Steve Smith turned up - he's there now watching the PWA comp, which it has to be said I wished we'd picked this week, but seeing as the PWA couldn't decide if it was off or on we just had to go for it and book way back in March. Anyway enough of my waffle, here are some pics from BJ, the resident photographer - thanks BJ for flattering my style!

 The trip was perfect, in fact so perfect that I had little time to post whilst I was away as I was either too knackered or drinking beer - although Glen and Nick were the beer monsters, Phil and I were too eager to go sailing the next day and adopted my body is my temple attitude!! Hours on the water I think probably equated to about 35-40hrs in the harness and the wind was typically 4.2/4.7 most day but ranged from a 3.7 day to 6.5 afternoon (after a 4.7 morning). We've about 35GB of pics and video and over the next few weeks I'll cut, crop, edit and post some of the highlights.

Here's a backie sequence - taken about 1hr after touchdown in Tenerife

 Nice close up of the mast - check out the bend!!

Setting up for the bottom turn on the 3.7 - that I'd packed in my suitcase - pics of the have Hotsails Superfreak will travel coming up in the next post - the batten bending bought tears to eyes of Phil when he saw me packing them!!

Nice air but check out the cheese below!!!!!!!!

The great thing about the OTC is that you can swap gear all day long and it's a real opportunity to try out different gear so you can decide what you like. Here I am on some Goya gear, nice set up but not ideal in the cross on conditions

Getting some air on the Hotsails 3.7 Superfreak Guernsey flag special.

Phil and I heading out on the 3.7s

Trying to force a 360 - what is going on with the hair!!!

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