Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Sessions - again!!!!!!!!!!

Well we got out on the water yet again!! Yesterday was sunny and the surf school had their open day so the beach was pretty crowded but that said I did rack up a few waves and took a whole bunch of pics. After I'd had enough of the crowds a whole bunch of us headed up to t'others taking my session count up to 5 wave sailing sessions in the last 8 days and what's more it's all been with the 5.3/4.7 and the 75l. !! The wave riding on t'others was epic, it was quite off shore and the tide was getting high but that meant that you could hook up with a wave on the reef, ride it downwind and then pick up the re-break on the shore that was getting heavy allowing for some sweet arials. I have not pics from the t'other session but Pierre has so I hope to get one or two off him soon - however here are a few pics from the beach session.

Running the gauntlet with the traffic - thanks to the owners of the Crabby Jack restaurant who own the scrub land that we used to rig up on but closed it off a few months ago - we now have a much smaller area to rig up on and have to cross two roads to get to the beach. mmm I don't think I'll be eating at Crabby Jacks!!

 The long walk down.
 I took a pasting on my second run out!
 Walling up nicely!!
 Seb Lovell - mixing it up well these days
 Marshall and I blasting off shore
 Starky doing the monkey!!
 Another sweet wave
 And again!!
 Mellors on the blog!!
The walk home

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