Wednesday, November 07, 2012

mmm should have gone to Jersey!!

It's not often that you'll hear me say that I wish I was in Jersey but I and few others have been trying to organise a trip for a few weeks now and the weather and ferry time haven't combined to make it worthwhile - or so we thought! Last weekend Hutchy went to Jersey anyway with his missus for a romantic weekend - but he took his kit just in case. Turned out that he made the right call! Here's he couple pics off his FB page - more jam than Hartleys is all I can say! Now there is one last chance to go to Jersey on the 7thDec and back on Sun the 9thDec - if the conditions are looking good I'm there and are you coming?

Also just a little further way at that very same time - whilst it was flat here (they even cancelled the surf comp) the French held the last round of their annual wave tour in St.Malo in pretty dire conditions - here's the vid:

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