Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ogier arrives in Ludertiz

For those of out of touch with what's going on in the world of speed there's a big comp going on down in Namibia. Andres Bringdal was the first windsurfer over 50knts (ave sppeed over 500m not just peak) and Antoine Albeau quickly joined the 50knt+ and in the process broke the world record several times to take it up to nearly 52knts. Guernsey's own Martyn Ogier has also headed down there and arrived yesterday with resident stalker, sorry photographer, Pierre Bisson. He had a couple of practice runs and here's a pic that I robbed off Pierre's FB page of Martyn on his 2013 Hotsails GPS. He's done 49.something knts so there is no reason for him not to be in contention so wish him luck because in few days the fastest windsurfer in the world could well be an Ogier from Perelle! BTW the forecast for Saturday is 55-65knts.

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